Oregon State University (OSU) Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI), founded in 2008, was a transformation of the previous OSU Biodiesel Initiative, a club which advocated the use of Biodiesel. Our change in name represents our affinity for not only one energy source, biodiesel, but all sustainable energy practices that can help combat the 21st century’s energy crisis. The Biodiesel Initiative was founded in 1995, where students, faculty, and community members worked on various Biodiesel projects including building various biodiesel reactors, locally producing biodiesel from used vegetable oil, and promoting its use.

We believe that advocacy for ALL sustainable energy practices will help society confront the global energy crisis and climate change. Promoting energy diversification can minimize overall environmental impacts and could lead to more communal energy creation, eliminating energy losses in transport.

Energy independence is an American necessity for successful international diplomacy, national security, and environmental safety.


  • Chemical, Biological, and Environmental Engineering: CBEE is our sponsoring department, and generously provides us storage and lab space, office support, financial support, and faculty advisors. Many opportunities are available within CBEE for SEI members to get involved with sustainable engineering research.
  • College of Engineering: COE provides financial support, hosts our website, and supports administrative functions.
  • Office of Sustainability:  The sustainability office supports SEI by promoting the club, providing financial support for large events, and offering material support and advising.
  • Student Sustainability Initiative: The SSI is OSU’s primary student group for advancing sustainability. We frequently partner with SSI for events on campus, and the SSI travel grant program has helped support SEI trips.
  • Environmental Sciences program: Faculty within the environmental sciences program work with SEI to promote our activities and opportunities for students.