Learn to Operate the Biodiesel Cart

Have you ever wanted to know more about the OSU Biodiesel Cart? What about creating your own batch of biodiesel? Our week 2 meeting will be teaching you about how biodiesel works, then taking you into the lab to get hands-on and see the steps taken to make your own batch of biodiesel. Attending this event will both educate you about this renewable fuel source, and prepare you to help demonstrate the biodiesel cart at outreach events like Da Vinci Days and Earth Day.

On Tuesday night, meet in Gleeson 200 at 6pm. We’ll have food for you to eat while we deliver a quick presentation about how the biodiesel cart works, then we’ll don our safety glasses and head downstairs to the lab. If you own safety goggles (like the ones you use for chemistry labs), please bring them! We’re required to wear eye protection in the lab, and will have a limited supply of safety glasses.

If you have any questions or time conflicts, please let us know. We look forward to seeing you there on Tuesday!

biodiesel cart

The OSU Biodiesel Demonstration Cart at the summer Da Vinci Days festival

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