Solar World Tour Signup Info



Sign up through our online form. Your spot will only be reserved once you have paid the participation fee to the main office in Gleeson Hall.

Registration is full. You can still sign up to be put on the wait list, and we will notify you if more spots open up. We apologize for having to limit space for this tour, but there is limited space in the production facility, and our tour size is restricted for safety reasons. We will try to arrange another tour in the spring for people who could not make it this time.

For directions to Gleeson Hall, see the campus map. The Gleeson office is open from 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri.

To make accommodations for disabilities, please send us an email. If the registration fee poses a financial difficulty for you, please contact us. We can arrange to reduce registration fees for students who are facing financial duress.

3 thoughts on “Solar World Tour Signup Info

  1. I would like tour with the founder not a tour dasigned for everyone. Please forward. Sincerly, Byron R.Umphress

  2. I’ve always been excited about solar since the 70′s. I think I can actually make a difference in how we share and expand solar for middle and lower income class. Case in point we have to and need to expand this market to make solar viable,, affordable and attractive to the middle and lower income families. No one as ever heard of me, never the less l do have a thought or 2 X 10 plus. Thank you for your time and patience on and in this matter. Sincerly, Byron R Umphress. 971-256-1610

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